Fried muri by hand

I brought the promise of pure fried twist in my hand.
The machine uses chemicals in fried white chicken curry. In the machine, these fries are neither delicious nor healthy.

Do you know The machine uses a harmful chemical called hydro gels in fried pesticides !!
This chemical mixes with rice before frying.

And when it comes to mixing harmful hydrogels, the color of the twist turns white.
At the time of the heritage of Bengal, you will see that at one time everyone used to roam the house. But nowadays people have become very lazy!

Those who once roasted the feces are buying these chemical mixing radishes today. They do not understand how harmful it can be.

Our fist is made by hand with just salt and water without any chemical mixing.

Fried chicken rice is cheap in the machine because people are buying it in haram. But most of the machines mix harmful chemicals in the fried rice.

Which is why they smell like a scent from the root. But even then people get low prices and buy it. The cost is a bit higher in hand-fried wrappers, so the cost is higher.

But those who are health conscious certainly do not worry about these prices.

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